5 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time To Sell Your House

If you're considering putting your home up for sale, you've likely considered the season as a reason for moving forward with your plans, or holding out for a few more months. As the leaves turn bright yellow and orange, and the temperatures dip to allow for cozy sweaters and warming beverages, I believe that autumn is a great time to get your real estate listing out there. Here's why:


Pent Up Demand

For many people, summer holidays mean trips far away to visit friends and family or explore exciting places. Our relatively short summer makes it an ideal time to get away, and moving isn’t necessarily top of mind when it’s vacation season. When September hits, however, potential buyers are back in their homes and thinking about making a move.


Back to School

September is a transition month. The back to school frenzy is often also a time for reflection and a mindset for change. The shifting season often inspires people to revisit everything from their decor to their hair - this is the time for a fresh start!


Properties Show Well

Those gorgeous red and yellow autumn leaves make your yard look gorgeous. September sunlight flatters your home - no Instagram filters necessary. Crunching leaves and high-contrast skies combine to make autumn irresistible, just like your property photos.



The Temperature is Pleasant

The heat of summer can be oppressive, sticky, and exhausting! When that sun is beating down, most people would really rather be at the lake or cooling off by the pool.  Fall’s cooler temperatures make visiting Open Houses a much more pleasant experience. What’s better than exploring neighbourhoods in fall’s glorious colour burst?



People Have Time

The familiar routines of back to school and back to work often serve the positive purpose of freeing up people’s time. When kids are back in the classroom for the majority of the day, house buyers become free to make appointments and view listings.

Of course, the right time to sell your house is always when you feel ready for a move. If the season has inspired you to think about putting your house on the market, get in touch with me today and we'll make it happen.

Mary Martin

Mary Martin

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