Fixtures & Chattels: What stays and what goes in a Home Sale

One of the most common upsets with regards to home purchases is not distinguishing properly what is and what is not included in the purchase. It is imperative that you accurately and specifically identify any items that you wish to be either included or excluded from the sale.

A fixture is considered to be anything that is physically attached to the home even if it is slightly affixed (for example screwed in to the wall). Items that are physically on the land and held only by their own weight will not be considered fixtures unless it can be proved that they are intended to be part of the land. A chattel is anything in the home that is not physically affixed to the land.

In order to avoid any confusion or disappointment on closing day, it is imperative that you clearly identify items that you want included or excluded in the sale in clear terms in the contract. For example, all mirrors and window coverings, built-in vacuums and attachments, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher etc… In addition, if there is something special that you would like to exclude from the sale, you can also put that into the contract (I.e., The antique chandelier in your hallway that you would like to bring to your next home). Be sure that this is all in writing to avoid any dispute on closing day.

Your REALTOR® should go over any items that you want to include/exclude from the sale, and will also help you identify items that you may not normally think of. In addition, your REALTOR® will ensure that they go over the contract with you and add or exclude any additional items that you may want or not want.

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