Living in an older home

Older homes have that certain charm and warmth that a new, sleek, modern home just can’t always provide. The history and craftsmanship of an older home is hard to duplicate. That being said, an older home does often come with a large set of challenges and quirks. Maintenance costs can add up especially if the home has been neglected in the past. Some of the most common situations found in older homes are listed below.

Energy: One of the biggest issues with older homes is usually energy inefficiency and lack of insulation. Often older homes were constructed with single-pane windows which are less efficient at keeping the heat inside. Replacement windows are often a costly investment, so be sure to inspect this first.

Insulation: A further waste of energy can result from poor insulation. Be sure to check out the insulation in the older home and make sure that there is adequate insulation in all spaces including the attic, walls and floors over ventilated crawlspaces.

Electrical: Out-dated electrical systems can pose numerous problems, including the obvious danger factor. In fact, some systems aren’t even insurable. Have an electrician properly inspect the electrical system prior to moving in.

Water Pipes: Older piping may use out-dated materials and could potentially have deteriorated. Be sure to properly inspect the pipes to see if they need to be replaced.

The charms of living in an older home are endless, but be sure to do your homework so that you know exactly what type of maintenance is needed before you move in.

Source: Mark Farrelly

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