The Top 5 Benefits to Owning your Home

Equity: Paying rent every month and never seeing a return on all that hard-earned money is often a tough pill to swallow. By owning your home, you can be assured that your money is being used to build your long term wealth, and not going to somebody else.

Pride of ownership: There is an inevitable sense of pride when you own your home. Renters are often uninterested in increasing the value of their home or doing renovations to make it more attractive, as they won’t get to enjoy the benefit of these projects financially and long term wise. When you own your home, every penny you invest into it is for your benefit and enjoyment. As an owner, there is no landlord or property manager over your shoulder controlling the decisions you make.

Appreciation: Historically, homes in Canada have appreciated in value over the years. This means that not only do you get to live in your investment, but there is a high chance that you will get an additional monetary gain on your investment.

Freedom: You have the freedom to make the decisions in your household, and to decide how you want your home to look etc… You do not have anyone to answer too (other than laws of course!) Owning a home allows you to choose the lifestyle that you want!

Security & Stability: With different options of mortgage financing, you are able to choose fixed-term mortgages that allow you to know in advance what your payments will be. This gives the homeowner a sense of security in knowing that they won’t all of a sudden have a ‘rent’ increase. Also, by owning, homeowners are secure in the fact that there is no landlord/tenant agreement that could end.

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