Top 3 mistakes sellers make

When it comes to selling your home, there are many different considerations to be made. To ensure that the sale of your home is a smooth and equitable process, be sure to avoid the top mistakes that sellers commonly make.

  1. Pricing: Ok you have heard it before, but pricing is one of the biggest determinants of how quickly and how profitable a home sale will be. It can’t be said enough, but the risk of overpricing your home is far reaching. Overpricing your home often means that your home will be used as a tool to sell other homes that are well-priced and that your home will continue to sit on the market. The longer your home is on the market the harder it becomes to sell as potential buyers begin to wonder what is wrong with it. Be sure to price your home sharply to get the quickest and best possible price for your home.
  2. Condition: A complete overhaul and renovation of your home is not necessary to ensure a sale, however, a little sprucing up and TLC on your home before listing it can go a long way in attracting the maximum number of potential buyers. Quick fixes, such as painting, de-cluttering and a good clean will dramatically help in the sale of your home. Not only does it provide a more attractive look and feel for the buyer, but it shows potential buyers that you have cared for the home and looked after it well. Be sure to do some minor staging, repairs and a lot of de-cluttering before your home hits the market.
  3. Marketing: The more potential buyers that your home hits, the higher your chances of making a quick and profitable sale on your home. Be sure to engage in various marketing tools. Today, most buyers are starting online and using the MLS® system. Be sure to have beautiful (but not misleading) photos of your home online, and all critical information. The more tools you use to market your home, the higher your chances of reaching that potential buyer.

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