You Can Fix Your Own Appliances, With Help From Youtube

Recently my dishwasher was not washing the dishes on the top rack very well. We had just changed our detergent and at first we thought that was the problem, but after we filled up the Jet Dry we came to the conclusion that something was amiss with the machine itself.

This is not the first time I have had a problem with one of our appliances and I have learned that there are instructions and even videos for almost anything that goes wrong with your appliance on Youtube. Our appliances are all from Kenmore, but similar models are sold under more that one other manufacturer's name. Generally I have come to the conclusion that in most cases there is not too much inside that big white box. 

Dishwasher repair was easy

Front Load Washer Not Draining

A couple of times water has stopped draining out of our front loading washer and last year clothes were getting caught in the front of the dryer drum and getting ripped and burnt. Each time I googled the problem. With the washer I was able to find repair instructions online and found that a small item, I think it was a dime both times, was blocking the drain hose. I just had to take off the front panel below the door and removing a couple of hose clamps. I am not the most handy guy, but  it was pretty easy. 

Dryer Burning Clothes

The dryer job was a bit more involved. After googling the symptoms I came to the conclusion that the rear felt seal needed to be replaced. It looked pretty intimidating as I had to remove the entire drum of the dryer. I also had to buy a part this time. Luckily there is an appliance parts store just down the road from us. Once the drum was out it was a simple matter of ripping off the old felt, scraping off the old glue and gluing down the new felt. 

Dishwasher Top Rack Not Getting Clean

Back to the dishwasher; this one was by far the messiest of the three, but maybe the easiest fix. The machine is getting on for 10 years old and I thought maybe it was done. But the repair was easy and I would recommend you do this annually to keep your dishwasher running well. It was really just a matter of a few screws, some water and a lot of goop. Do note though that many dishwashers require a torx head screwdriver to open up. I was lucky and they came in my multi-head screwdriver. 

Having removed the top rack and the arm that runs up the back to the top, it was a simple matter to move the lower spray arm revealing the mysterious, and it turns out, quite gross inside of your dishwasher. In there I found all sorts of debris, including bits of food, broken glass ( it happens) and a lot of what I will call sludge. One more screw removed the cutter blade enclosure and more debris. There was a bit of residual water in here and as the video below shows a turkey baster is a handy tool to have on hand. We don't have one. 

Tonight we ran the dishwasher for the first time and I have to say I was pretty excited to see if my repair had done the trick; and it had! The dishes were prefectly clean. 


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