Saskatoon Market Situation

The debate about slow down in real estate sales in some cities has been going on for some time now. BOC, CMHC, SRAR and some major financial institutions have all expressed caution in the past three months or longer. Each time the issue is raised some practitioners brush it aside as if the trend is some thing one can wish away. CMHC has just put up another note of caution "CMHC’s Housing Market Assessment (HMA), released Thursday afternoon, points to “strong evidence” of problematic conditions in Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Regina." Any one who still doubts the slow down, particularly in Saskatoon, should checkout the number and frequency of price reductions and DOM's. One does not need a PhD in Economics or tens of years of experience in the industry to see this. What may be debatable is the root cause of the slow down, but definitely not whether there is a slow down. Denying the existence of the problem does not make the problem go away.

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