Sellers Be Careful!

This past weekend, a couple posing as buyers knocked on the door of a listing and asked the owner if they could just take a quick peek inside. The owner consented and invited them into her home. The male excused himself when the ladies were in the kitchen so he could have a look at the garage where he proceeded to steal the registration and insurance papers from the home owner’s car.

The “viewing” continued again and the home owner was not in the presence of both of the “Buyers” at all times. After they left, she discovered that her wallet containing all her identification, credit cards, etc. had been stolen from her purse.

With so many listings and in many cases very little Buyer activity, it’s understandable that a Seller would be pleased with almost any interest. It is also predictable that some low-life would come up with this type of scam to prey on anxious Sellers.

Sellers  - never admit anyone posing as a Buyer into their property without an appointment and/or in the company of a REALTOR®.

Maya Day

Maya Day

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