Do you wish you had more space in your home?


Do you wish you had more space in your home?

The time for spring cleaning is here, even though it may feel like January outside today. Here are a few expert tricks to add more storage and living space to your home.


1. Clear the floors - trick your eyes by removing pieces off of the floor so that you can see more of your square footage!

2. Keep windows clear - do not obstruct the views of your windows with bulky curtains, nick nacks, or plants

3. Use all of your space, especially vertical space that is often neglected - build up shelves, use the space under your stairs, chests as seating, etc.

4. Repurpose your space - inventory your rooms and evaluate their use. How often do you use them? And could they be put to better use?

5. Everything should have a place - be more organized in your setup with labels, bins, shelves, hangers, whatever it takes for your home to be just as you imagine it


For more organizational tips follow Dave McGinn's four part spring cleaning series in the Globe and Mail!

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