History of Cornwall, PEI (Part I)


"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.-Theodore Roosevelt"


Cornwall, Prince Edward Island was inhabited by French farmers in the North River Area in the 1700's, the first english speaking inhabitants came in 1790.

The name 'Cornwall' dates from the 1800's when the Newson family arrived from Cornwall, England.

Farming was the dominant economic activity of many people who lived in what is now known as Cornwall, however ship building was another economic activity beginning in the 1800's along the North River banks lasting about 100 years and declining in the early 1900's.

The first road was called the West River Road which is shown on the 1813 Map, this was the main route to get to what is now know as Charlottetown. The road lost its status as the main route when the bridge was built in 1824. The bridge was constructed of wooden beams and posts, which caused the bridge to be destroyed twice from the ice over the winter months. The bridge was replaced in 1913 with a steal structure which eventually gave-way to the 'North River' causeway in 1950.

Another method of transportation was a ferry service that ran from York Point to Charlottetown this service was from 1800's-1950's.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


1. York River
North River

2. Eliot River
West River

3. Hyde's Point
Hyde Point

4. Mill Creek
Hyde Creek

5. Simpson's Point
Primrose Point
Drakes Point

6. Bass Cove

7. Caithness Cove

8. North Point

9. Franklin Point

10. McKenzie Creek

11. Howard Creek

12. Ingenuity Creek

13. Poplar Island
York Island

14. Kehough Creek

15. Kellows Brook

A. TransCanada Hwy
Tryon Road
The Post Road
Cornwall Road

B. Cornwall Road
The Back Road

C. Mill Road
Ferry Road
Old Ferry Road

D. North River Road
York Point Road (southern half only)

E. Douse's Road
South Wiltshire Road
Kingston Road

In 1966 Cornwall became a village in its first municiple incorporation, then in 1983 with a change to legislature village was changed to communities. In 1995 the provincial government amalgamated all the rural communities (Cornwall, North River, Elliot River, East Wiltshire and York Point) into one community Cornwall, PEI which is denoted on the green water tower entering into the main part of the community.


Stay tuned for 'History of Cornwall Part II' where I break down the different services and amenities available through out the years.

Let me know any stories about the history of Cornwall you may have by commenting below.


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