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Prince Edward Island boasts amazing seafood, golfing and beaches. Every summer boats, cars and planes arrive in PEI with wide eyed tourists waiting to experience all the Island has to offer.

One of the must see stops in PEI are the Provincial Beaches and Parks that are located all over the Island. My personal favorite are the beaches along the North Shore particularly Brackley Beach, Stanhope Beach and Dalvay Beach, these three beaches run along the same coast and have beautiful boardwalks and walking trails that connect them. Roughly a 15 minute drive from Charlottetown you will arrive at Brackley Beach.

Driving along the coast you will come to Covehead harbor where Lobster Fishermen are preparing their boats for the next day sail.

If you keep traveling along the coast you will enter Stanhope and finally Dalvay. Dalvay is in a class of its own as you wind the corner and this spectacular view unfolds. Many of you think that the beautiful ocean is the view I am talking about, however when you feast your eyes on the amazing beauty that is known as Dalvay-By-The Sea (currently operated as an upscale hotel that takes you back to the days before cell phone interruptions, xboxes, Netflix and families that do not spend quality time together) you will truly understand the beauty which I speak.


In 1895 Alexander MacDonald from Cincinnati, Ohio a wealthy business man that amassed his fortune by running numerous businesses such as Standard Oil Company. MacDonald and his family loved to travel, one of their trips was to Charlottetown, PEI a few days in the city and they moved to the Acadian Hotel in Tracadie, PEI here is where they fell in love with PEI. MacDonald decided to buy 120 acres of property and here is where he built his family's summer cottage Dalvay-By-The-Sea. The cottage was constructed for approx $50,000 using locally sourced materials, and it employed a number of people ranging from servants, cooks, housemaids, gardeners, butlers, laundress, caretaker and 2 men to look after the horse and stables which cost approx $10,000 per year in operating costs.

MacDonald had two grand daughters Helena and Laura who would travel with MacDonald and his wife to the Island often, in 1910 MacDonald passed away and left his fortune to his grand daughter's which was worth approx 15 million. Since the grand daughter's were under age their father Edmund Stallo a Cincinnati lawyer overseen the girls fortune.   


Helena and Laura went off to Europe and married royalty. Helena married Prince Murat of France and had 1 daughter named Laura(IV). Laura (sister) married Prince Rosspiglioisi of Italy and had 2 daughters Francesca and Camilla.  Later it was discovered that Edmund Stallo the girls father, managed their fortune poorly by investing in different business ventures that failed, and the girls were left with nothing. The Prince's discovered this and divorced both girls. Helena ended up passing away at the age of 38 due to cancer, Laura moved to New York where she found work to support her family. William Hughes the care taker of Dalvay spoke to Laura about the faith of their summer cottage, she said if he paid the back taxes of $486.57 he could have it. Hughes went to the city and obtained the deed to the property.

Dalvay has changed hands many times throughout the 1900's, currently it is owned by the provincial government of PEI and is leased to DP Murphy Inc where it is run as a seasonal hotel with a full service restaurant. Many tourists know Dalvay-By-The-Sea as the "White Sands Hotel" from "Anne of Green Gables" and "Road to Avonlea" and arrive from all over the world to view the property.

In 2011 Dalvay hosted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the day during their visit to PEI.


Dalvay is the perfect space for Weddings during the summer weather utilizing the indoor space or the outdoor gardens giving the glamor and vintage feeling many brides are looking for. The restaurant also boast spectacular views of Dalvay lake from the entire dining room, and you can't leave without trying the signature dessert Dalvay's Sticky Date Pudding.


Comment below on the great experiences you have had at Dalvay By The Sea.

Although Dalvay-By-The-Sea is not available for purchase there are many cottages and water front lots available on the North Shore which offer spectacular view.

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