Mealtime Runs- Volume 1 "HopYard"


115 Kent Street, Charlottetown, PEI


Atmosphere: Very vibrant, loud music, eclectic, good for groups of friends (not good for dates- unless your date is annoying and you don't really care what they are saying and you are satisfied just nodding your head periodically--girls gotta eat :)


  • Main Restaurant - Very Clean
  • Restrooms - Very Clean
  • Bar Area - Very Clean
  • Kitchen - Assume to be very clean

Décor:    Modern with vintage influence, If you visited "Lot 30" prior to Hopyard opening you would feel they used the same set up with minor additions, they mixed in a vintage feel with the bin of vinyl records which you can choose from and give to the bartender to play throughout the evening. There is also a wall with Record Covers displayed. Overall its a great vibe and would be great for live music session. ECMA sessions perhaps!!!!

Staff:   I was there for a private event so I never had a one on one experience with the serving staff, they quickly dropped food on the table named it and was off to another table. They were quick to deliver food and quick to clean up afterwards, over all they did their job. The bartender was likely the highlight of the staff as he was knowledgeable about the numerous beers on tap and he was good to recommend something based on your preferred taste. I dont recall his name but he had black hair longer (not sure if he was going for the man bun thing or just getting over that phase) he was very good looking none the less.....

Beer:   Lots of options on tap with a majority of the selections from Atlantic Canada, Im not a huge beer fan but have started drinking ciders or apple juice according to beer drinkers. It was great, nice and lite and not overly sweet I believe it was from Quebec definitely will get that again when I return.

Food:  This is the best part (Chef Jane Crawford you spent too much time hiding at other restaurants and finally you can spread your wings and fly). We had the taster menu which is an assortment of everything and if I was there myself I would have ordered 3 orders mmmmMMMMm.

Shrimp Tacos: A little spice to them, everything was fresh and the jumbo shrimp was delicious

Calamari Tacos: Heaven!! Lite and crisp calamari with a delicious sauce

Grilled Cheese: Gouda Cheese, pork belly and Kim Chi  need I say more yum!

Vegetable Samosa Poutine: These were the highlight of the appetizers, nice and crisp cooked perfectly and the spicy mayo sauce so good.

Hand Cut Fries and Meat Balls with a Ginger Gravy: This was a take on fries with the works I believe, the fries amazing but unfortunately the gravy and meatballs lost me as they reminded me of the canned meatballs and gravy my grandfather would cook. (He use to eat chocolate chip cookies with mayonnaise and coleslaw so the meatballs were a step up I

Spare Ribs: Were good, basic

Wings: Were nice and crisp with a nice batter, smelled very spicy but the taste was good and manageable.

Churo Donuts: Where Have You Been All My Life!!!! These donuts were cooked perfectly with a slight cinnamon flavour and drizzled in a caramel sauce. If I could marry a dessert this would be it. SO GOOD!!!

Overall I was very impressed with the entire evening, great food, great atmosphere, great company and the best part is the menu changes every 2 weeks so its always something new and will keep customers coming back.

Hopyard 8/10

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