Staging Your Home For Sale

"You Can't Sell It If You Can't See It"-Barb Schwarz

1) Say Bye Bye To Clutter

Every professional home stager will recommend removing large pieces of furniture and furniture that you can live with out. This will create the illusion of larger spaces within the home. A good solution is renting smaller furniture to help accent the space while the home is on the market. Another recommendation is to remove personal pictures from the wall and replace with eye catching art pieces. A potential buyer needs to be able to  visualize their family in the space.

2) Furniture Grouping

Another great way to create the illusion of a larger space is to remove furniture from the walls and create conversational groups. This allows the space to look larger if done correctly.

 3) Room Transformation

Are there rooms in the house that are classified as "junk rooms"? How about repurposing those rooms. Some examples are: Reading Room, Library, or a Meditation Room this will allow potential buyers to see great uses of your space.

4) Lighting

Lighting is very important when marketing your house. Try increasing wattage, aim for 100 watts for every 50 sq ft. There are 3 types of lighting. Ambient: which is your main lighting used in the room. Task Lighting: a work and/or reading lamp. Accent Lighting: dim lighting creating a calming atmosphere which could be a small lamp on an end table, or lighting showing a piece of art.

5) Create The Illusion Of A Bigger Space By Color

Use the same paint colors in adjacent rooms to create a continuous flow, this makes the rooms feel bigger. Another tip is to pick draperies the same color as your wall paint. When there is no color separation the eye does not notice the change resulting in a larger feel.

6) Neutral and Appealing Colors

When picking paint colors pick neutral colors that will appeal to all buyers. Neutral color are not just white or beige anymore, you can choose warm tans, honey's and soft blue-greens. When choosing a bold color this could negatively effect potential buyers putting in an offer, as buyers are very visual.

7) Coloring Experimenting

There are times when you can choose a deep tone on walls to make the space more intimate and cozy. A good way to use deep tones is an accent wall to draw attention to a fireplace or a nice set of windows. If you have a very large space with lots of natural light you can warm the space by using deep warm tones.

8) Vary Wall Hangings

Displaying your art creatively will allow the art to stand out and show off the space. Try hanging your art in a step style instead of horizontally across.

9) Odd Numbers

Using the right accent pieces makes the room more inviting. Odd numbers are preferred, try creating a triangle and using varying heights and widths of similar objects.

10) Bring The Outdoors Inside

Use fresh flowers to stage your home, clippings from the yard can be an inexpensive way to create an inviting atmosphere. Spring use ferns and budding magnolias, Summer use splashes of color, Fall use warm colors and Winter use festive arrangements.

11) Serene and Inviting

Create a relaxing bedroom by using luxurious linens and soft colors. Use splashes of accent colors to draw the eye to different locations of the room. Declutter the closets by removing seasonal clothing. Showing off the storage space is key to potential buyers.

12) New Faces

You want to create a new look in the kitchen but can't afford new cabinets. Try replacing the doors and drawer fronts and adding new hardware. This will freshen up the kitchen and give it an inexpensive update.

13) Complete Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects scare off potential buyers as they see work ahead. Before your home goes onto the market ensure all projects are completed.

14) Prim and Polished

Create the feel of a spa in the bathrooms and a luxury hotel in the bedroom and living areas. This can be created by rolling towels, using decorative baskets, scented candles, throw pillows and blankets. In the kitchen use glass vases filled with whole citrus fruits like lemons and limes and set the table like you were expecting a dinner party.


These are just a few ideas to help you market your home better to the public.

Comment below with any other tips you might have.


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