Kijiji or Not To Kijiji ?

Kijiji is a great localized website that is necessary in our community. For example, upgrading your appliances to stainless steel. You’ve tried asking your friends, the baby sitter, your neighbors, and every one else you know if they are interested in buying them. No thanks, after no thanks... you’re thinking to yourself... “how else can I get rid of them?” Simple. Post an ad on Kijiji. Some categories include “Buy & Sell”, “Pets”, “Jobs” & there’s even one for “Real Estate”.

Although I agree that Kijiji is a great site for some things, I do not use it for Real Estate advertisments. Why might you ask? Here is my personal opinion:

  1. Professionalism

My clients hire me to sell their home for them. While kijiji is great for listing a place for rent or puppies for sale, my clients deserve to have maximum PAID exposure. I don’t go cheap on them. Kijiji is a free website & after all... they can post an ad themselves - how is that a valuable service to offer? When my clients list with me, their home is advertised in Your House Your Home magazine, our Century 21 Parkland Mall Kiosk, Century 21 Website, Paid Facebook Advertisements, website, MLS (, other brokerages websites, open houses, & much more. Advertisements that are designed specifically for Real Estate.

2. Value

Most home owners have invested a lot into their home. To me, placing their home on a website that sells washers & dryers and baby pitbulls screams: “I’m desperate to sell” which is then reflected in your price. While there are many Real Estate agents who use Kijiji as a tool, there are just as many private sellers who have no expertise in our industry. I’ve even seen ads that say something along the lines of “Home for sale, been living here 23 years, needs a bit of updating however in great condition, selling because we are looking for a bigger house, loved living here, bla bla bla....” How professional is that? And why are you giving away your motivations? Also, speaking of pricing... I find that the majority of For Sale By Owner ads are asking over their fair market value! How come? Well, most Real Estate agents will evaluate their home at fair market price and home owners won’t agree so they try to sell themselves

3. Motivation (Serious & Qualified Buyers)

Sometimes when I’m bored or have spare time, I browse retailer’s websites. Do I actually buy each time I look? Not often. Or I’d have a serious shopping problem.

Well, same goes for good ol’ Kijiji. Serious buyers tend to be working with an agent already whom will set them up on a Realtor home search using our tools & websites. Or, the buyers will do their own digging on - a website strictly designated to browse property for sale. Posting an ad on Kijij may get you some inquires, but I can bet you that the inquiries will sound like this “Do you do rent to own?” ..... “Will you accept an offer of $200,000 even though you are listed at $350,000” .... or the words from a For Sale By Owner herself... “we had 4 offers and each one fell apart. Im exhausted.” I’m not saying it is impossible to sell your house on Kijiji but it sure isn't slam dunk. 

4. Limitations

Kijiji’s free advertisement only allows a certain # of photos for your ad. How will you showcase all the features of your home?? Also, each day there are hundreds of ads posted. As soon as you create an ad, it may stay on the first page for an hour or so but then it gets pushed back to page 3 or even further. Talk about frustration. We all know most people don’t tend to look past the second page without clicking on something. Now they’re distracted from your ad.

I love Kijiji don’t get me wrong, however it is important to know when and when not to use it. I have used it personally for other needs. I was always successful in selling personal items and renting out my rental properties however, selling Real Estate is a whole other ball game. If you need to get your house sold in this tough economy, you will need professional, creative & maximum exposure. 

Please call me today to sell your house, condo or acreage. I'd love to help!


Melissa Morin


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