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Springbrook: Celebrating the Past; Embracing the Future

A short 10-minute drive from Red Deer’s city limits will bring you to Springbrook, a true bedroom community where residents enjoy the benefits of city living without the expense and other drawbacks. Around 1,000 people – primarily young families – have settled in Springbrook, and with its proximity to the city, it’s easy to see why.

This cozy community was once home to the Penhold military base, and that legacy continues on today in the Penhold Air Cadet Summer Training Centre and other training camps. Now, the residents of this hamlet primarily work, shop, and play in the surrounding communities of Red Deer, Penhold, and Innisfail. Indeed, the community sells itself on its lower housing costs with all the necessary amenities a short trip away.

Springbrook is also home to the Red Deer Regional Airport, which provides easy travel to Edmonton, Calgary, and other smaller communities in Alberta. With its proximity to Red Deer and to north-south transportation corridors, Springbrook shows great promise for residential, commercial, and industrial growth.

Truly, Springbrook celebrates the past while embracing the future – but don’t take our word for it. Come for a visit and discover for yourself why Springbrook is the perfect place to live, work, and play.

 - hamlet established 1995 with the closure of CFB Penhold;
- population approximately 1,000, mostly young families;
- located 7 km. south of the city of Red Deer and 3 km. north of the town of Penhold;
- adjacent to Highway 2A and CP railroad 2 km. west of Highway QE2 freeway;
- adjacent to Red Deer Regional Airport

Springbrook includes:
- the former Mynarski Park
(living quarters
of the former Penhold military base),

Harvard Park and Malibu
new residential subdivisions,

- the Harvard Business Park
former barracks where summer cadet and other
training occurs),

- the Red Deer Regional Airport

(including Airport Industrial Park, Circuit Cafe,
Buffalo Airways, Air Spray)

- Woosh short-flight golf course,

- Springbrook natural park

Springbrook's unique character:
- former military base established 1940, renewed 1953,
- focal point of regional transportation and military history,
- former base hosted BCATP, NATO, bunker, radar,
- air and band cadet training during summer,
- home of forest fire fighting aircraft,
- training facilities for flying, oilfield, police, rescue, motorcycle and
- future home of Harvard Historical Aviation museum
- lots of green space including sports fields

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