Nurses Strike in Kingston- The Underappreciated

It's always been a wonder to me why such important roles in our community aren't appreciated to their true worth. 

Nurses from the Community Care Access Centre have been feeling underappreciated for what they do. I would have to agree. This particular group of nurses are striking because, to my understanding, are one of the only groups of nurses, that haven't received a 1.4% wage increase, compared to other sectors of nurses, such as hospital, public, homes for the aged, and long-term care home nurses, are all receiving it. 

My opinion is that nurses should be receiving equal pay for their workload. CCAC are responsible for helping with in school, in home care, etc. and they are just as important as the other above mentioned. 

In general, I have such a high appreciated for nurses. They are the ones taking the brunt of people’s aggression. Often there are a lot of complaints that nurses don't get to people fast enough; it's my opinion that it's because there aren’t' enough of them to go around. While people get mad at nurses for not getting to them fast enough, they are the ones who are probably missing their lunch break because they are trying to get to everyone. Nurses are the ones who care for us, and tell us everything is going to be all right. They actually listen to what's wrong and can help make us better. 

Do you think that all nurses are equally eligible for the wage increase? What other professions are underappreciated? 

I would like to make a shout out to all the amazing people in my life who are nurses, or in the health field, because I certainly can’t do what you do, and I commend you for it. Thank you for taking our life in your hands!


For more information on this topic, visit the article on The Kingston Whig Standard. 

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