Spring is just around the corner YEAH!!!!  However before it gets here, there is something you should think about.  Your roof.  Before we start to get into the freeze thaw cycles of spring, you should seriously consider removing the snow from your roof, especially if old man winter brought a lot of it.  Snow is heavy, and even though roofs are designed to carry a fair bit of snow, 40 lbs per square foot, the last thing you want to do is wake up under a blanket of it because your roof couldn't handle the weight and collapsed.  Older roofs may be more of a concern as they were probably not designed to the 40 lbs per square foot standard.  Once the weather starts to warm, the snow starts to melt, but as evening temperatures still dip below freezing, all that melted snow starts to freeze and become ice.  The weight of this ice needs to be added to the weight of the snow.  If you are able to get on the roof and remove the snow yourself, this is by far the most economical way to go.  However being on a roof with loose snow can create some safety hazards and concerns.  Before venturing on to a roof anytime of year, you should consider the risks and take the appropriate safety precautions.  If being on a roof and removing snow is not your cup of tea, then you could always call the good people at Gontree Tree Service.  They are kind caring people who offer great service and only want the best for their customers.

Dam Ice!!!

Another reason you want to consider removing the snow from your roof is ice damming.  Ice damming is a complex reaction between the heat inside your house escaping through the attic, and freeze thaw activity out doors.  I have inserted a link to SGI Canada.  I think this site does a pretty good job on explaining ice damming.


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Happy shoveling,

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