CENTURY 21 Canada Announcement: How Home Prices Compare in Canada, US

Century 21 Canada Press Release for across Canada and comparing Canadian Cities with their sister Cities in the USA

CENTURY 21 Canada Announcement: How Home Prices Compare in Canada, US

CENTURY 21 Canada released a house price survey that compares the trends in six pairs of Canadian and American "twin" cities with similar economies and geographies; provides an analysis on the market in three US sun-belt cities that have been hit hard by the sub-prime crisis and; presents typical home price data from neighbourhoods across Canada.

Toronto Housing Market vs. Chicago Housing Market... CENTURY 21 Canada compares six pairs of cities in latest House Price Survey.

"...You see some dramatic differences," says CENTURY 21 Canada President, Don Lawby. "National capitals Ottawa and Washington, D.C., oil centres Calgary and Houston and West Coast ports Vancouver and Seattle have price trends reflective of their economic and geographic similarities. However, when you compare business centres Toronto and Chicago, midwest hubs Winnipeg and Minneapolis and East Coast centres Halifax and Boston, the Canadian cities are doing much better than their American twins," says Lawby.

To read the full release, click here.

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