CENTURY 21 Canada Awards Event

A BIG thank you for all who attended the awards event yesterday. FYI the format changed a bit and I thought it was 100% better than the old way. It started later 11:00AM and they had the speaker first (Shannon W. King), more about her later and it ended prior to 3:00PM!

I liked the speaker first because usually what happened in the past was:
  • We got there and received our accomplishments
  • We got fed
  • We got tired
  • Half the crowd leaves after being fed and 50% are left to listen to a GREAT Speaker

To be honest in the past I felt sorry for the Speakers, because they have a very valuable message, some great real time tips and advise...and most don't hear it :(


What we saw yesterday was everyone while listening to the Speaker was writing down her advise, writing down her suggestions, writing down her recommended sites. And guess what.....most of them where award winners from MASTER SILVER to GRAND CENTURION (probably 95% of the room). SO if I was new to the business ,not yet an award achiever, or an award achiever and I saw those who achieved a higher success than me writing down valuable tools to help them in their business....I better get myself into one of those meetings so I can accomplish my goals!!!!! Doesn't that make sense? It sure does to me and I can't imagine and argument against that!


So next year we are going to try something different to get the award achieves and non achievers into the room (where ever it is), stayed tuned.

Shannon King   A Great Speaker, kept us entertained, had value in our business in today's world, showed us what hard smart work can do for us, gave us useful tips that can and will work in our back yard and some of it you have heard before from me, but it is really nice to have someone else say it too!

Check out her site http://www.shannonwking.com/ its pretty cool, see how she uses Social Media to enhance her image, to validate her success! She is also a big supporter of Coaching (and she isn't a coach), So use Macdonald and me, Use the CENTURY 21 PEP or use someone!

Check out some of the sites I thought you could find useful:


Iphone Apps:

  • Turboscan
  • Drivesafely
  • cardmunch
  • magicplan
  • Roundme
  • Animoto

Take a look....pretty cool stuff here...thanks again!

Michael La Prairie, President
CENTUM Pacific Mortgages


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