The GREAT PUMPKIN give away has huge Success for its first time with CENTURY 21 In Town Realty / CENTUM Pacific Mortgages and Easter Seals

WOW we did it! Our First annual PUMPKIN give away was a success, better than we hoped for...What a great feeling too!

It all started with an idea from the "Social Committee" that we should put some effort in a community Easter Seals event, hense the Pumpkin give away. We've seen other Realtors and Corporations have success in it so why couldn't we?

So we made a few phone calls...had my friend Joe from "No Frills" assist in getting us a great deal on the pumpkins and even had them delivered to our front door the morning of the event!

The day started at 8:00AM with 6 BIG boxes of Pumpkins delivered:

An hour later, the hardest rain fall Vancouver has seen in the longest time came down for a couple hours and soon after, the sun came up (well it looked like the Sun after that rainfall). So we started out by putting out balloons, signs, tables, cookies, coffee (special thanks to Tim Horton's for the donation!) and we waited for people to arrive.

After 5 hours we got rid of almost all the Pumpkins. The rest went back into the office and the remainder of the week we had friends and family drop in to pick up the remaining few.

All in all it was a GREAT time and we raised $1,102.00

Thank you to all the people who came by and took a Pumpkin and made a donation to the Easter Seals "Send a Kid to Camp". It means the world to us and of course, it's the kids that are the true winners!

A special thanks to the Team who came out there and took part in setting up, handing out pumpkins and cleaning was a HUGE help!

Cheers...Michael La Prairie

PS See you next year!


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