The benefits of Reciprocity as we see it here at Century 21 In Town Realty Vancouver BC

As the owner of a Real Estate Company or as I refer to it as ( a business). The advantages of reciprocity for us is, it allows us the Company to display other Real Estate Brokerages listings on our site. Realtors such as ours who take the time to take the maximum number of photos (currently the Vancouver Real Estate Board only permits 10) and write up a thorough description of the property and include all the details, communities, neighborhoods, schools, shops..etc. It gives the viewer enough information to want to either view the property or not. It gives them enough information where they do not have to leave the site to seek what they are looking for as it pertains to the property.

Some Realtors have a different strategy. they choose not to have pictures (or very few) of their listings or complete write ups. And if that works for them and the Vendor so be it. We "Century 21 In Town Realty" like seeing the full meal deal.

FYI our site allowes our Realtors to up load a total of 21 pictures, our customers said they want to see as many photos as possible as well as videos, so we did what they requested. We even have a community content page / blog, where the Team here can add current information regarding specific communities / Neighborhoods so our viewers are kept informed and can keep coming back to see up to date information.

So for all of you who continue to add pictures and content...a BIG THANK YOU! Our customers appreciate it, our viewers appreciate it and so do we!

Michael La Prairie, Owner

CENTURY 21 In Town Realty, Vancouver BC Canada 604.685.5951


From April 18, 2011 through May 18, 2011, 9,698 people visited your website an average of 1.11 times for a total of 10,781 visits. Your website generated 24,266 page views with an average visitor viewing 2.50 pages per visit. Of the 9,698 total visitors, 7,255 were new visitors and 1,459 were returning visitors.

Visitors to your website previewed 4,660 properties, viewed 8,719 property details, and launched 1,031 Showcase 21 tours.

Your website generated 79 online leads, including 18 new Account registrations.


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