www.century21intown.ca website statistics for last 30 days (August 27th to October 27th 2010

Summer is over and the Vancouver (downtown) market seems to be quite active as expected. The last couple weeks in August and the first week in September we had the usual holiday slow down, but we still did the average number of transactions our company is used too (better than the industry average too). We are now seeing the website action getting more visitors and inquiries and our phone calls are up too. Hey our market even had some positive Press from the News Papers and TV over the last couple weeks (don't expect them to keep it going...because that's not their style).

Below you'll see our stats.....This week I'll be in Toronto for our CENTURY 21 Canada Conference. I've heard we have some pretty big announcements regarding new features to our website that are unique to our industry....I'll keep you posted!

So those are our stats for last 30 days

Keep up the Great Effort!

Michael La Prairie, CENTURY 21 In Town Realty 604 685 5951


From August 28, 2010 through September 27, 2010, 5,963 people visited your website an average of 1.13 times for a total of 6,753 visits. Your website generated 17,716 page views with an average visitor viewing 2.97 pages per visit. Of the 5,963 total visitors, 4,489 were new visitors and 797 were returning visitors.

Visitors to your website previewed 11,245 properties, viewed 77,057 property details, and launched 2,484 Showcase 21 tours.

Your website generated 43 online leads, including 5 new Account registrations.

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