Starting the new year, or moving to a new home- both are great times to set up new routines that will be good for you and for the planet too!

These 5 simple tips can save you money as well.

* Change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent ones. These are especially useful for outside lights that will be left on for long periods of time. They come in many sizes and  shapes, and although they may seem more expensive when you purchase them, they last much longer and use 66% less energy.

* If you are purchasing new appliances, be sure to purchase those with an ENERGY STAR LABEL. This sticker indicates that the appliance has energy saving features or exceeds federal standards for energy savings.

* Start a compost pile! Yes, compose piles still work in winter because the energy the microorganisms create as they break down your compost keeps the pile warm. Your own table scraps will turn to high quality topsoil, and will really nourish your garden when you plant in spring.

* Install a programmable thermostat that will help regulate your heating and cooling. You can set it so that the temperatures are perfect when your family is at home, and save on heating/cooling costs when no one is at home.

* Get the whole family thinking " REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE". Explain to your children why you are composting. Reuse plastic milk bags- they make great sandwich or freezer bags. Use dryer balls that are not disposable instead of throw away dryer sheets. Each small step will save the environment, and save money as well.

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