Hot tips for showing your home

Make your home appear more spacious. This might require you to move some of your belongings out of your home. Less is more, especially with personal items. When there is some empty space, people can envision their things in that space.

Your closets should be half empty; no boxes stacked or totes labeled ‘summer’. Buyers will snoop a little bit behind closed doors, so when they do, you want to show that there is plenty of room. An overstuffed closet will not give that impression.

Take a look in your kitchen cupboards. Is there some things that you could start packing a little early? You probably will not be needing your Christmas serving wear or large roaster for a while, this will create a ‘wow, there is lots of cupboard space’ reaction.

Now take a look at counter tops and table tops. There should be virtually nothing on them. Remove magazines and ornamental items. Your coffee maker and toaster should be put out of sight, maybe where you made space from packing your roaster!

While neatly packing boxes and storing them out of the way in the basement is a great start, it would be even better if you could store them out of your home. Potential buyers will see the boxes in the basement and might think storage is an issue if you have everything piled up downstairs. Maybe a family member or close friend would be willing to store the boxes in their basement for a couple of months for you. This will also prove to be helpful when moving time comes because your ‘less used’ items can be picked up once you have your essentials unpacked and organized at your new home. 

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