Spring Cleaning Multi Tasking

Spring cleaning is in the air. While washing windows, take a few minutes to inspect them and ensure they are ready to keep the cool air indoors all summer long.

Check for air leaks. 

Seal the house by locking all doors, windows and skylights. Close all dampers and vents. Turn on all kitchen and bath exhaust fans. Light a candle and pass it along all openings—windows, doors, fireplaces, outlets—to pinpoint air coming in from the outside.

Inspect window components.

Check window sills for peeling, loose or damaged paint. Inspect weather stripping around window frames. Replace any loose or damaged frame or deteriorated caulk. Check for cracked or broken glass. Repair or replace damaged screens and test for proper operation of the window mechanism.

Don’t forget skylights.

To investigate whether air or water is leaking through your skylight, carefully climb on the roof and look for open seams between flashing or shingles, shingle debris that allows water to collect on the roof and failed or cracked patches of roofing cement put down the last time the skylight leaked. If you find a leak, contact a roofing company to have it repaired.

Source: http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/windows-doors/how-inspect-windows-doors-stop-air-and-water-leaks/


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