Money In Your Home

Gather loose change from around the house, you know how those coins can quickly add up! Take the same approach when trimming household expenses, and find a pocketful of ongoing savings to pay down your mortgage faster.

Consider these ideas – large and small – that can help save money in your home.

1. Seal drafts to save energy. Air leaks account for 25% to 40% of the heat loss from an older home, potentially costing hundreds of dollars per year in gas or electricity costs.

2. Lower the heat. Turn down the heat a degree or two or install a programmable thermostat. You could save up to 2% on your heating bill for every degree in reduced heat.

3. Go fluorescent. As lights burn out, change incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents, which use at least 67% less energy to operate.

4. Run full loads. Avoid running half loads of laundry and dishes to save energy costs.

5. A splash of cold. Use cold water, instead of costly hot, to do the wash.

6. Read the news online. Cancel home delivery of newspapers or magazines that pile up unread.

7. Get handy. Tackle household projects on your own, if you can, instead of hiring someone for painting, garden work or tending the lawn.

8. Go green when you clean. Learn how to make homemade solutions of vinegar, baking soda and dish soap.