How Technology Has Changed the Real Estate Industry

Technology is ever-changing and, as a result, changes how we live, work and play. Here are just a few ways that technology has changed the real estate industry.


Changes in technology have now made it easier for buyers and sellers to search for homes. Most people thinking of buying or selling a home start online whether it is on a computer or mobile device. This means that real estate agents need to have a website and that website needs to be mobile friendly since many people are searching on their cell phones or tablets and not necessarily on their desktop computer.

Online Marketing

Since most people are starting their real estate searches online this also means that real estate agents, brokers and brokerages have had to add online marketing to their overall marketing strategy; advertising in the local newspaper alone isn’t going to cut it anymore. Online marketing not only includes a website but also means advertising on social media sites. Social media advertising is a great tool since users can be targeted based on things such as geography.

Mobile Devices

In this day and age it is more likely to see someone with a cell phone than without. The increased use of mobile devices has sped up the entire real estate process. Everything from searching for homes to communicating with your real estate agent to signing and exchanging documents can be done on a mobile device. This means that business can be conducted anywhere, even in different countries!

As a real estate agent in a tech-savvy world it is important to change and adapt as technology changes to ensure a seamless experience for clients. And while technology is a great tool to start conversations, sometimes it’s just nice to talk. If you have any real estate questions give my team a call - we’d love to chat!

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