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Making Social Media Videos for Business

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Making videos/contemporary documentary videos can be quite complex. It takes a lot of brainstorming, thinking, planning, problem solving. To be honest, the process of making a decent video can be quite time consuming, but it could also be fun and rewarding. We are living in a very busy, practical, fast paced, and money driven society, therefore, it is obviously very hard to get people to come together and work together as a team to produce any kind of documentation, but miracles do happened. This meet up is created to find/encourage those common interest individuals to learn or make documentary as a group (we all agree on) for whatever the reasons are (personal and business).

Initial Goal

Making film is costly and time consuming, therefore, we will focus in the social media aspects of video making; still retain the same professionalism and integrity of the content being produced.


Focus on the creation of independent work with small teams and limited resources. An introduction to documentary film history will be provided as well as an examination of contemporary trends. Production topics include lighting, sound, basic editing, and interview skills. We will be supported by demonstrations, screenings, discussions, and critique.


Creative TeamWork Members
We need talents and skills in following:

-Writers and Journalists
-Creative professionals
-Storytellers (Narrative)
-Camera operators
-Video Editors
-Animators (2D/3D)
-Models (talents)
-Sound Writers
-Sound Designers
-Music Composers
-Interior Designers
-Make-up Artists
-Social Media/Bloggers
-IT profession
-Wearable Media (consultants)
-Public Relation (PR) 

By Michael Wang

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