What's going on with the Ontario's Sex-Ed Curriculum? A BIG concern for many parents!

By: Parentsalliance.ca

There is a BIG concern for many parents these days, and it is all about the sex education curriculum that recent approved and signed off by the government of Ontario.  Is it a serious issue that you too should have concerned?

According to Parents Alliance of Ontario

The Radical Sex-Ed Curriculum are as followed:

1. Introducing sexual concepts and ideologies that children can not understand physically and psychologically.  Such as Grd 4 P141 "want to be more than 'just friends' and become interested in going out", Grd 5 P157 graphical descriptions as "when the penis is in the vagina", Grd 6 P175 describes "masturbating is something many people do and find pleasurable", Grd 7 P196 introduces "anal & oral sex", Grd 8 P216 brings in sex fluidity as "two-spirited, transgender...".

2. Grd 1 P93 expects children "identify body parts, including genitalia", but fails to teach kids nobody shall touch their genitalia, exposes kids to sex predators.

3. Grd 7 P197 Introduces AIDS as "when people get... treatments, they have the opportunity to live a near-to-normal lifespan." It grooms out the fatality danger of STI / HIV related sexual behaviours.

4. Fail to warn kids the legal risk, such as minimum age of sexual consent is 12 years old <Tackling Violence Act>, and anal sex under 18 years old is illegal (Criminal Code 159)

5. Leaves rooms for teacher to impose sexual ideology which may contradict to kids' family tradition.

6. Safe sex, i.e. sex as pleasure without Sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancy, is presented without the proper context of reproduction, marriage, and family responsibilities.  It stops halfway at merely physical protections: Grd 7 P196: "If a person is thinking of having sex, what can they do to protect themselves?" Grd 8 P216: "Teens... are more likely to use protection, such as condoms, if they choose to be sexually active."

7. Grd 3 P124 requires kids respect "two mother / two father families" but fails to respect their family traditions.

8. The same curriculum was suspended in 2010, but was released again without due diligent revise.

9. The curriculum was made under supervision of Ben Levin, who was convicted multiple pedophile crimes. 

So, what do you think?

Parents Alliance on Ontario is gathering people to protest and demand correction to incorporate parents' concern from the Provincial Government before proceeding with the Sex Education Curriculum mandate. 

Anti Sex-Ed Curriculum Demonstration
Let's Unite Together,
Reclaim Parents' Right and Responsibility!
Our Child, Our Choice!
Say No to Radical Sex-Ed Curriculum!


Information provided by: Parents Alliance of Ontario 

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