Decorating trends for FALL 2014

1. Kitchens with elaborate custom cabinetry painted in rich gemstone colors, accented with gleaming brass or chrome, lit by fancy lighting fixtures. Semi-precious stone surfaces are perfect for dramatic countertops and back splashes.

2. Animal printed rugs in a room adds instant style to the space. Whether in a bold statement piece or a small accent, animal prints are chic and always look current. Faux cowhide rugs have great texture and pattern, and add a perfect pop to any living space.

3. Instead of settling on one fixed look, people will opt for a versatile neutral base and use big-impact accents to easily change their decor more often and with bolder accents.

4. Mirrored furniture - Reflective surfaces look elegant and high end. They can also make rooms seem larger by giving the impression of more light and space.

5. Merging Indoors & Outdoors designs is very trendy and creates a ‘wow’ reaction to guests. 

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