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Michele Joller

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Adventures in moving: finding the right size of home for your life right now

Moving up or moving down. There are many places that will make your heart sing. There are many lifestyles out there just screaming for you to discover them! I have lived in some strange places and some pretty cool ones too. Still can't believe my 193 sq ft apartment in Tokyo, Japan had a view of Mt Fuji out one window and a view of the Tokyo Tower out the other (think smaller version of the Eiffel Tower). The first time I saw it, I asked where the rest of the rooms were. With rent three times my Calgary apartment's rent, it was hard to believe it was SO small. My basement suite in Belleville, Ontario came with opera lessons (my landlord shared the space and taught during the day). Yes, live music all the time can be quite enjoyable. My place in Taipei, Taiwan came with maid service and no kitchen -- who needs to cook when there are restaurants everywhere?  Location, location, location determines everything. In our market, it sometimes seems that location, location, location really boils down to budget, budget, budget. It is exciting that there are always options. They just might be a little different than you expect. And that is where the adventure starts.

Home is where you are

There are all kinds of places to call home and all kinds of ways to find one or sell one. Let me help you with yours.

Working with Buyers and Sellers

I work with both buyers and sellers of all price ranges and styles of homes. Home is home. It doesn't matter how much it costs. A fortune cookie once told me: "A small place holds just as much happiness as a large one." I like that thought.

It's always been CENTURY 21 for me!

My life in real estate began in 1994 as an assistant to my Mom, Gloria Joller. I was back from my adventures in Asia and she needed "a little help." When I began, I had no idea how busy she really was -- at that time she was ranked #14 in Canada for all of CENTURY 21 Canada! It didn't take long for me to decide that this might be as much fun as all my travels put together. On October 15, 1995, I officially became a full-time realtor with CENTURY 21 (I signed the paperwork on Friday the 13th for luck!). Mom and I continued to work together until her retirement a few years ago. I didn't plan on being in real estate but now that I'm here I can't imagine doing anything else.

Life before Real Estate

Enroute to finding myself in real estate, I studied at UBC and got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts specializing in Western European Cathedrals. I worked at McDonald's while I was at university (I even worked with my brother-in-law Murray Haywood but I didn't know he was going to be my brother-in-law because he didn't know my sister Heidi then). I was a teller at Richmond Savings (now Coast Capital Savings). The day we saw the $1000 bill was pretty exciting. I had always liked photography so when I saw an ad for a new course (the first of its kind in Canada), I decided to go back to school and found myself at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario studying photojournalism. I graduated two years later at the top of my class. This led to a job at the Calgary Herald for the 1988 Winter Olympics (my photo of the Olympic Plaza Celebrations appeared on the front page of the paper on the first day of the Olympics). I stayed in Alberta until the end of the summer. Although I was heading back to BC to be closer to home, an ad in the Vancouver Sun changed everything: Teach English in Japan. Collecting passport stamps became my new hobby. For the next 3 3/4 years, I lived in Tokyo, Japan teaching English for GEOS. My apartment was just 193 sq ft. The bathroom looked like it belonged in an airplane and the kitchen in a camper but it had a view of Mt. Fuji on one side and the Tokyo Tower on the other. My two-year contract was extended twice. On the way home, I was a substitute teacher in Taipei, Taiwan thinking it would be fun to eat Chinese food everyday (I hadn't realized how Asian Richmond had become while I was away). I continued working for GEOS at their Vancouver school until Mom asked me to help her out. Now my closet is full of gold jackets. 

Personal Interests

I love exploring new places, collecting passport stamps and cruising. I am crazy about Paris. I would love to see the Matterhorn, hike to Macchu Pichu, explore Easter Island and cruise through the Suez canal one day soon. I also love most things related to houses -- especially rearranging furniture and feng shui. Sometimes I can't resist moving things around in other people's houses. Sometimes they even ask me to do it. I am famous for my homemade raspberry ice cream. I am an avid baseball fan (especially during the World Series). I studied American-style ballroom dancing for 8 years. I competed in Pro-Am competitions in Miami and New Orleans (10 dance Latin and Smooth) and won a gold medal for The Viennese Waltz. I am one continent away from being to all seven...and it is not Antarctica.


Growing up Gold

Surprise. Wonder. Amazement. My Mom and long-time mentor, Gloria Joller, became the 2007 Sales Associate of the Year for Century 21 on September 6, 2008. The award was announced at Canada Conference in Ottawa. It  is so exciting to see all her years of hard work honored. She always has pointers and advice for me. Most of the time she gives me a hard time for not always following her advice immediately. She obviously knows what she is talking about! When I received my first Centurion at the same conference, she quickly reminded me that she has 12. We love competition. Even though she is now retired, she still loves telling me what to do. I think it is a Mom thing.

Mom started in real estate with CENTURY 21 when I was still in high school....after years of spending weekends taking us to open houses. 

Century 21 and Easter Seals

Century 21's official charity is Easter Seals. We have been a team since 1979. The company has raised over $95 million for Easter Seals making it the largest corporate sponsor for Easter Seals. Local franchisees throughout Canada and the United States contribute donations through a wide variety of community efforts in support of Easter Seals. In 1996 our office made the top 21 for donations to Easter Seals (we were number 8). Century 21 Canada's latest program is called Kids to Camp. Don Lawby, our president, personally committed $2100 to send the first child to camp when the program was announced at Canada Conference in Ottawa, September 2008.  Raising $2100 will send an Easter Seals child to camp. The program asks us all to remember our favorite summer memory and then to contribute to help make summer memories for children with disabilities. Visit the Kids to Camp website to help make summer memories.

CENTURY 21® Awards

  • 2016 - Long Term Service Award
  • 2016 - Masters Ruby
  • 2015 - Masters Emerald
  • 2014 - Masters Emerald
  • 2013 - Masters Silver
  • 2012 - Masters Silver
  • 2011 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2010 - Masters Ruby
  • 2009 - Masters Emerald
  • 2008 - Masters Silver
  • 2007 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2006 - Masters Ruby
  • 2005 - Masters Diamond
  • 2004 - Masters Diamond
  • 2003 - Masters Diamond
  • 2002 - Masters Diamond
  • 2001 - Masters Silver
  • 2000 - Masters Silver Club
  • 1999 - Masters Silver Club
  • 1998 - Masters Ruby
  • 1997 - Masters Club


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