A Bird in the House

Something happened at my open house. It wasn't very funny, especially for the bird. I'm still in shock. I was sitting in the dining room, reading some minutes about another apartment I have for sale, when something caught my eye. Suddenly in front of me was a big mess -- twigs and feathers flying everywhere. I looked around the corner and saw the inside-outside pet cat with a bird in its mouth. A dead bird in the house. I politely asked the cat to take it outside. No response. I tried to take the bird away from the cat. Big growl. Scary big growl. I decided to go back to my chair and wait it out, hoping that no one would come to the open. A few minutes later, the cat walked over to the kitchen, had a drink of water and went back outside. I went to look for the bird. It was gone. Eaten up. Only those messy feathers and twigs remained. As I was picking up the last of the mess, the buzzer rang. "We're here for the open house." I let them into the apartment building. Luckily the open house was at an apartment one floor up down the hallway. By the time they arrived, there was no sign of murder. Later I was telling my Mom Gloria Joller what had happened and concluded that this must be why experts always say sellers should remove their pets from their homes while they are for sale. Mom laughed and said, "No, this is why you should always keep the patio door closed at an open house." She has an answer for everything.  

Michele Joller

Michele Joller

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