A House with a Mikveh

It looks like a miniature swimming pool but is so much more. While ancient mikvehs date from before the late first century and can be found througout Isreal, modern mikvehs can be found in most communities in Orthodox Judaism....and in my listing at 9160 No 3 Road, Richmond. Traditionally a mikveh is built into the ground or is an an essential part of a building. Its waters are commonly chest high and kept at a comfortable temperature. Access to the pool is by stairs. It is used for ritual immersion. The word "mikveh" or "mikvah" as used in the Hebrew Bible means a collection of water. Oceans, rivers, wells and spring-fed lakes are mikvehs. Since it is not always physically possible to reach such waters or private enough, mikvehs were constructed. The mikveh often appears to be just one pool, the one used for immersion. There may be two or three adjoining pools. Accumulated rainwater is kept in one pool and the adjacent immersion pool is drained and refilled regularly with tap water. The pools share a common wall that has a hole at least two inches in diameter which allows the free flow of water between the pools. The water in the immersion pool therefore becomes an extension of the natural rainwater. A mikveh should contain a minimum of two hundred gallons of rainwater. More information can be found in the article "The Mikvah" by Rivkah Slonim at www.chabad.org.


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