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The whole project looked easy enough -- until I opened the package and saw all the pieces...and the list of tools that were required. Of course, in the past, I had built a lot of Ikea furniture. I thought making something I had picked up at Liquidation World would be similar. Just didn't expect sooooo many nails or two-inch screws. I stood in the store for the longest time in front of the pile of boxes wondering how the 9-cube bookcase went together. How hard could it be? How heavy were the boxes? Could I get them in the car and out again? My last Ikea project went into the car but I couldn't get the box out of the car and into the house (an unbelievably heavy computer desk...I had to open the box and carry the desk pieces into the house one by one). The first bookcase took over two hours to build. Seems like there is a learning curve building furniture because the next day when I tried the second one (yes, I bought two...hard to resist a deal), I improved my time by more than half. Wonder what would happen if there was a third one? Perhaps I should keep my day job.

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