Celebrating Crappy Little Kitchens

CLKs (crappy little kitchens) are out there but they are not something you usually boast about having or put on your list of things you want your dream home to have. I have never seen an ad for a 3 bdrm 3 bthrm TH w/fp & CLK. Ads are usually more polite opting for terms like "space saving kitchen" or "no wasted space" to say what we really want to say. Jennifer Schaertl on the other hand celebrates CLKs on her website and in her new book "Gourmet Meals in Crappy Little Kitchens" (HCI Books, April 2010). It caught my eye as I was walking around Chapters yesterday. Couldn't resist picking it up and flipping through it while wondering who would have one of those. And then I started to remember. I started to remember a lot. I didn't always have stainless steel appliances and quartz counters. I too had a past filled with CLKs. Jennifer knows what she is talking about. According to her website www.crappylittlekitchens.com, the kitchen in her 300 sq ft Brooklyn, NY apartment started it all: "My kitchen was only a tiny sink, tiny stove, and really tiny refrigerator all shoved up against a wall. It was time to streamline. I learned a million tricks on making things fit, how to store them, how to shop for them, and most importantly how to cook them. And so "Gourmet Meals in Crappy Little Kitchens" was born." Then she went to culinary school, became a chef and for the past eight years has worked in four top Dallas restaurants. She believes that "just because you cook in a crappy little kitchen does not justify a crappy meal!" Now I too will celebrate the CLK because as I remember it, those CLKs were home to many delicious moments and amazing discoveries (who knew all you could cook with just a microwave or toaster oven).  

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