Celebrating Ground Hog Day

We've been celebrating Ground Hog Day for years. A long time ago, my sisters and I decided we should divide up the holidays. My sister Marlis Joller picked February 2nd. It has become one of my favorite dinners. The idea is that she will predict whether winter is staying or spring is coming with her dinner menu. The guests are all to do the same but with their clothes. Our official dinner was last night to avoid any interference from the ground hog. This year we all went for winter (sweaters and fleeces all round). In addition to designing restaurants for Earls, Marlis is also a Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver trained chef so family dinner takes on a whole new dimension at her place. Last night her dinner favored winter (but had definite spring undertones). She served a fig tepanade with soft cheese on slices of baguette followed by a warm spinach mushroom salad (hint of pear in the dressing). Our main course was short ribs served on risotto garnished with cubes of carrots, celery and celeriac. The meal ended with chocolate mousse served in martini glasses with chocolate straws. Truly a feast for the senses. I just wish she wasn't so right about winter being around for the next six weeks.

Michele Joller

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