Cherry Pink and Snow White

Sometimes we are caught off guard when impossible things happen. A week ago Friday, it snowed. Our world of spring was suddenly white again. I saw the first few flakes come down from my kitchen window. It looks like snow, I thought. It can't be snow, I reasoned. It's the end of March. Spring is officially here. I looked harder. Definitely snow flakes. I smiled and thought it was lucky that I had looked out when I did so I wouldn't have missed them. I needed not to have worried about my luck about seeing snow flakes. They continued all morning. My first appointment that day was at Apple Greene Park in Richmond, BC -- my new listing was being measured by Measure Masters to create a floorplan. By the time I arrived (when I took this photograph),  everything looked like it had been dusted with icing sugar. A world of white covering the cherry blossoms. It made me smile.
Michele Joller

Michele Joller

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