Could saran-wrapped furniture be the next hot trend?

I didn't plan on having saran-wrapped tables. I blame the movers from the furniture store who delivered them that way. Now that they are in my space, I can certainly see the logic of them being and staying that way. The whole way it happened is a rather long story -- the short version is that where the tables were destined for was not ready when they arrived so they temporarily ended up in the master bedroom where I had the idea to try them out as night stands to see if white looked better than the existing dark wood ones. Since they were only to be there for a short while, the protective plastic wrap on them was never removed (you know, the plastic wrap designed to get them from the warehouse to their new home without any scratches) . This has proven to be very handy. No need for coasters. No need to worry about cold bowls of strawberry gelato sitting on them (yummy bedtime snack!). No need to worry about water from plants staining them. No need to worry about anything...and they have that cool brand-new look all the time. Maybe that's why I grew up visiting so many houses that had plastic wrapped sofas. Of course, not being able to use the table's three drawers is a bit of a problem. Hmmm. Might need to rethink this.

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