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Walk Score  gives location, location, location a whole new twist. By ranking locations in terms of their walkability (how close you are to everything), the website gives every address a walk score. Properties ranking between 90 and 100 points out of 100 are considered a walker's paradise. This means daily errands do not require a car (restaurants, coffee shops, groceries, shopping, schools, parks, books, pubs, entertainment and banking are all within walking distance). The average score is just 49 points and to be in the top 10 per cent, you need to be a 92 or higher. Addresses ranking 70 - 89 points are deemed very walkable; addresses 50 -69 points somewhat walkable; and addresses 25-49 points are car dependent  with just a few amenities within walking distance and with addresses 0 - 24 points almost all errands require a car. According to Walk Score, the average resident of a walkable neighborhood weighs 6-10 pounds less than someone who lives in a sprawling neighborhood! Their research concludes that one point of walk score can add up to $3000 in value to your property. Best of all, they rate some famous places...the Brady Bunch house in North Hollywood comes up with a 77; The White House is a 94 and the Friends apartment building in New York City is a 100. Checking a score is as simple as typing in an address...which led me to check some of my previous addresses. The house I grew up in is a 38; my last home was an 88 and my current a 93...and as for my listings, I have a 98, a 93, an 83, a 60 and a 52. My search for a 100 continues!

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