Getting ready for Richmond's New Green Carts

In June, the City of Richmond will be one step closer to its goal of diverting 70% of its waste from the landfill by 2015. The city's new green cart recycling program begins in June for recycling food scraps and yard trimmings. The new green carts will be an upgrade to the existing green can program currently in use in Richmond's single family homes. The new system will also be for townhouses.

A standard-size green cart will be delivered to houses and townhouses in April and May. Residents will also be provided with a complimentary kitchen container for use in their homes for temporary storage of waste (before you move it to your larger green cart outside). Smaller containers will also be available...or in the case of houses, there is also a larger one. If you would like to change the size of your green cart, please contact the city before February 28, 2013.  Visit or use the cart selection postcard which was mailed in January (additional postcards are available at City facilities) or call 604-276-4010 or 604-270-4722. If the standard size works for your household, there is nothing to do! It will automatically be delivered.

The standard container for houses is large with 240 litres. Extra large holds 360 litres; medium 120 litres and small 80 litres. The standard container for townhouses is compact which holds 46.5 litres; small with 80 litres is also available. The new carts are on wheels to make them easy to move. There is no weight limit for the new carts unlike the current green can system which has a 20 kg or 44 pound limit. Residents in houses will be able to continue using their green cans along with the green carts in June. Alternatively, green cans can be brought back to the city's recycling depot at 5555 Lynas Lane, Richmond for recycling or the stickers on the cans can be removed which means you would be able to use your existing green can as a garbage can again.

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