Heat Pumps: Keeping you comfortable indoors

My listing at 6123 Parkside Close has a heat pump in its side yard. It was added as part of the energy upgrades to the property which currently give the 23-year-old house an EnerGuide rating of 82%. While most people who look at the house can recognize what it is, few really know what it does or why this included feature is something they should want. Aidan G. Rogers explains in his article "Air Conditioning - Advantages of a Heat Pump" from EzineArticles.com that a heat pump "offers home owners comfort that is normally reserved for high-rise office buildings, five-star hotels and executive apartments. It heats, cools, dehumidifies and continuously filters the air of dust and other impurities. It also circulates the air - without heating or cooling - to eliminate stuffiness." Think of it as an energy efficient air conditioner that cools the house in the summer and heats it in the winter. It is ideally suited for moderate climates transferring heat from the outside air into the house in winter and heat from the inside of the house to outside in summer. Using a heat pump can save you money and so it currently qualifies for one of the home energy grants available through the BC government's LiveSmart BC rebate program which is in effect until March 31, 2011. Up to $5000 is available to BC Homeowners in home energy grants. 

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