I am at Rona checking out the kitchen and bathroom displays when I walk by a stack of magazines on one of the kitchen counters. It's Rona's Spring 2008 magazine, appropriately called "The Magazine." One of the headlines catches my eye: "Hiving: The Art of Communal Living." I am intrigued. Is it a new trend? Are communes back in style? Are people putting bees in their homes? I quickly flip through the magazine. Turns out hiving is a new trend that is meant to transform our homes into a buzzing hive of activity. Our period of cocooning is over. The article by Louise Bourget goes on to say hiving is the art of opening up our homes to others and living life surrounded by a buzz of activity. Hiving allows us to spend time with the people we love at home. We should have seen this coming. The signs have all been there. Over the past few years, we've seen more and more open floor plans. Walls have been coming down. Island kitchens have become common. Bedrooms have become smaller and smaller but their numbers have increased...all parts of this trend. Great Room-style living is here. Hiving emphasizes open spaces to allow us all to be together but at the same time respects privacy (hence more bedrooms). The calming earth tones of past decorating schemes are giving way to vibrant colours (including on our appliances!). And we're taking our hives outside too. Outdoor rooms are on the rise. The easiest ways to hive at home (if you are not quite ready to knock down walls) according to the article are buying a place setting for 12, investing in a sofa bed and stocking up on snacks for surprise visitors. Hmmm.....hiving seems to be just a fancy term for entertaining at home.
Michele Joller

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