How clean will it be?

On the Contract of Purchase and Sale which is used by the BC Real Estate Association and Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch), item 8 describes the condition the property will be in on possession day: "8. VIEWED: The Property and all included items will be in substantially the same condition at the Possession Date as when viewed by the Buyer on _________."

For the seller, this means maintaining the condition that the buyer previously viewed....and fixing any new damage or problems. It is not uncommon for hot water tanks to fail between subject removal and possession day. Washing machines love to stop working in this period too. As do dishwashers. This is also a great time for new red wine or grape juice stains to appear on the carpet. All of these would need to be fixed so that the property stays in that "as viewed" condition. Unless otherwise specified on the contract, the seller does not need to professionally clean the carpets for possession day. Vacuuming would be all that is expected since the seller was vacuuming for the showings.


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