Is it haunted?

Can something be a little bit haunted or is that like saying someone is just a little bit pregnant? Visiting Disneyland's Haunted Mansion is something many of us have lined up to do. Seeing the ghosts in action is always fun....but what about when they are really in your house. One of my sellers called this week to say her place might be haunted. I told her I would change the comments. She has a baking ghost (hmmmm....delicious problem). First she asked me if I had been playing with her oven at our last showing. No, not this time (she knows I like to move things around). Then she asked about the buyers and their agent (three guys...I don't think they were in the kitchen long enough to realize there was even a stove). She concluded that if the buyers who last viewed her place hadn't moved the oven racks and turned the oven on to 350 degrees and I hadn't done it, there must be a ghost. We still haven't solved the mystery but I am hoping her baking ghost will make us cupcakes for our next showing.

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