Is metered water in your future?

Time is running out -- the Richmond Volunteer Water Metering Program has been extended until the end of 2012. The City of Richmond's flat rate for household water in 2012 was $1413.17. By volunteering to go on a water meter, many owners of single family homes and duplexes are finding that their bills for water/sewer consumption end up being substantially less than the flat rate (especially when less than 5 people live in your home). Neptune Technology Group has been contracted out by the city to install the free water meters. They report that over 63% of Richmond households have a water meter and on average, these households save over 40% on their water and sewer bills. As an incentive, the city promises that you will not pay more in your first year of use than the flat rate (they will refund the difference if your metered bill exceeds the flat rate). All new homes built in Richmond since 2004 are on water meters. For more information contact 604-271-9700 or look online

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