Living above Waterfalls

Never knew having a room with a view could be so loud. I had hoped to get one of the atrium view rooms when I made my reservation at The Gaylord Palms, our convention hotel. The resort offers two views: Florida or atrium. The Florida rooms look out at the expansive grounds of the hotel and beyond to the freeways which surround the property. The atrium rooms look into the inner courtyard. It is the size of the atrium that makes it extraordinary. Covering four acres of gardens, the glass dome has become the hotel's signature feature. The resort was designed to showcase the spirit of Florida from the old world charm of St. Augustine to the colourful spirit of Key West and the mysterious waters of the Everglades. Under the dome, trails, streams, gardens, shops and restaurants all take on the flavour of their sections. See alligators, their grunts (babies) and turtles in the Everglades along with trees draped in moss. Wind deeper into the Everglades, pass ponds of catfish and you will end up on the porch of the cabin at rustic Sawgrass Place trying to decide which is better for relaxing...the rocking chair or the double glide chair. Take the boardwalk in the other direction and end up on a sailboat in Key West where it is five o'clock all the time. Another path takes you past the herb garden and leads you to a castle with salvaged sunken treasure. Banana trees, more kinds of palm trees than you can imagine and annuals give the area the feeling of a tropical paradise. It is truly breathtaking. I was ecstatic when I checked in and found a top floor atrium view room was waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get up to the ninth floor to see my view. I was very surprised when my view could be heard as I opened the door to my room and walked towards the French doors that opened onto the balcony. The sound got louder and louder. I opened the door and looked out. The view was indeed fabulous. The whole resort spread out before me. I was ideally placed almost in the center of The Augustine wing overlooking waterfalls. Waterfalls everywhere. Roaring waterfalls. I lost count of how many water features I could actually see from my balcony. A room with a view can be noisy. I left the French door open the whole time I was there.
Michele Joller

Michele Joller

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