Make a wish and help donate $15,000 to the Children's Wish Foundation!

Did you know that making an origami tulip could turn into $15,000 for the Children's Wish Foundation? As part of "Blossom at Richmond Centre,"  the mall is donating $1 to the Children's Wish Foundation for every wish that gets attached to the Flowering Wishing Tree (to a maximum of $15,000) up to April 1st. The foundation helps grant favourable wishes to children afflicted with high risk, life threatening illnesses. This indoor tribute to spring is easy. Write your wish on the pink wish paper (available at the mall by the wishing tree), fold it into an origami tulip following the directions on the wish paper and then attach it to the tree! The mall says that there is a belief that a concentration of positive wishes will increase the likelihood of a wish coming true!

 The wishing tree at Richmond Centre. The pink flowers are wishes!

 Follow the step by step folding instructions (after adding your wish to the paper)

  A close up of some of the finished wishes that have already been added to the tree

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