New Year's Words

While I was living in Japan, I came across a New Year's tradition that our family decided to try in 2008. We each picked a word to represent what we thought or hoped the new year would be like. The only catch (or perhaps it was why everyone thought it was so much fun) was that we picked Japanese words in Kanji (Chinese characters with Japanese meanings) and then painted the characters a la Japanese calligraphy. It became quite the production. Our source book was a Kanji textbook with 2042 options. I only had the first Kanji book (not the complete series) so not all the words we wanted to pick were actually there which meant some of us had to go through the picking part a few times....and then of course was the discussion that followed. Maybe discussion isn't quite the right word. "Why would you ever want to pick THAT word?" isn't really discussion, is it? "What are you thinking?" In the end, the words have kept us on track. This year everyone is keen to try it again. We've all been talking about our words earlier this time. My sisters have even called to check if their new ideas are in the book to avoid the "discussion" part. I know some of the words already. My brother-in-law is talking about SOLITUDE (I think this spells many camping and fishing trips). One sister is talking about CENTER (she plans to hit the bull's eye in all she does this year) and I'm leaning towards SPARKLE. The character is number 22 out of the 2042 which means on the easier side to paint. Yeah! It's a picture of a tiny sun in three places (ie. everywhere) to give the sense of something that sparkles on all sides. If 2009 would sparkle on all sides, I would be really happy. I hope your year will sparkle too. We will pick and paint our words after brunch today. Happy New Year! Happy 2009!  

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