Olympic Gold Medals are Heavy

Catriona Le May Doan keeps her three Olympic medals in socks. Cosy wool socks. One sock for each medal. She passed her two gold and one bronze speed skating medals around at CENTURY 21's Spring to Success Event held March 10th in Surrey, BC. They are heavy. They hold the power of 23 years of work and represent less than two minutes of actual time. It is very strange to hold an Olympic medal on what would be a normal overcast day at the beginning of March, not quite spring and not quite winter. It really makes you think. Our table ended up with all three medals at the same time. So much power in one place. Salt Lake City's 500m speed skating gold is inscribed with "Light the Fire Within." Winning it meant defending her gold from Nagano (an Olympic first) and breaking the supposed curse of carrying the flag at the opening ceremonies. You could feel the moment, the intensity, the glory, the honour and the excitement just by looking at it. In your hand, it surprises you. It is bigger and heavier than you would expect. The fire really was within it. Her story inspires. She says success isn't just defined by the medal. She reminded us that you can't reach the next level unless you are truly inspired. You can never forget that you love what you are doing. She was truly inspired in Nagano and in Salt Lake City, and still is by sharing the magic of gold, the power of representing Canada and the excitement of a wish come true. Her dream was to go to the Olympics. She went to four. Now I wonder if this is the closest I will ever get to speed skating gold. At the 2010 Winter Games, the speed skating events will be in Richmond, BC at the Olympic Oval, now under construction. It will be walking distance from our office. I will be so close to those gold medals. Will I ever see them again, up close and in my hand? How lucky it was that on Monday Catriona shared hers.  

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