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Sales Representative
7320 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BCV6X 1A1
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Michele Joller

Michele Joller Sales Representative

CENTURY 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd.
7320 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BCV6X 1A1
Office: 604-278-2121
Direct: 604-279-3681
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Building Furniture

The whole project looked easy enough -- until I opened the package and saw all the pieces...and the list of tools that were required. Of course, in the past, I had built a lot of Ikea furniture. I thought making something I had picked up at Liquidation World would be similar. Just didn't expect sooooo many nails or two-inch screws. I stood in the store for the longest time in front of the pile ...

Practice Thanksgiving

Practice Thanksgiving. This is a whole new holiday in my family. Others may think of it as the perfect way to score two turkey dinners. We thought it was the easy way to get everyone together when we couldn't be together on the real day.  Last Sunday we celebrated our first "Practice Thanksgiving." Everyone was there. Turkey decorations on the table. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake ...

Is your home really for sale?

Sometimes it feels like homes are on summer vacation right along with their owners. There are three reasons why a property has trouble selling: price, condition and access. If it is difficult to see your place, it will take longer to sell. In an ideal situation, your agent should be able to show your property whenever a request is made. Not all buyers will wait for sellers to get back from ...

Is a 79 EnerGuide rating good?

The short answer, if it is an old house is YES. According to information I found from Natural Resources Canada on the internet, a rating of 79 on an older house puts it almost on par with an energy-efficient new house (these are rated 80 - 90). My new listing at 4510 Fraserside Drive which was built in 1990 now has an EnerGuide rating of 79 up from 55 before the energy upgrades were made in ...

Going Off Leash

Need a place to go with your dog that is designed for running and running and running...and maybe a little bit of playing too? The Hamilton Highway Park at 4571 Thompson Road, Richmond BC is a 7.2 acre dog off-leash area and park in the Hamilton neighbourhood. Think of it as a large open undeveloped green space that was created with dogs in mind. Park users must follow the off-leash rules posted on ...

Hamilton's VLA Neighbourhood Park

A quiet oasis in the center of Hamilton...this is the Hamilton VLA Neighbourhood Park located just east of Westminster Highway at 23231 Willett Avenue (on the corner of Willett and Smith). This 1.5 acre park has a paved 232m walking trail, a half basketball court, a playground, three benches and two picnic tables. I had the whole park to myself yesterday afternoon! The park is located near ...

Hamilton's Fraser Park Neighborhood

Fraser Park was developed in 1990 as a collection of 64 homes accessed via Fraserside Gate off Westminster Highway, just north of Gilley Road in the Hamilton area of Richmond, BC. This quiet residential neighborhood consists of Fraserside Drive, Fraserbank Crescent and Fraserbank Place. A walkway in the cul-de-sac portion of Fraserside Drive joins the subdivision to Gilley Road for easy ...

How clean will it be?

On the Contract of Purchase and Sale which is used by the BC Real Estate Association and Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch), item 8 describes the condition the property will be in on possession day: "8. VIEWED: The Property and all included items will be in substantially the same condition at the Possession Date as when viewed by the Buyer on _________." For the seller, this means maintaining the ...

Someday my house will come...

I once read that for every buyer at any given time there are 19 perfect properties for them. This means that if you miss one, something equally good will come along if you wait long enough. I always tell my buyers that by the end of the story (when you are settled into your new home), the whole process makes sense and you will be in the perfect place. Sometimes along the way, in the middle of the story, ...

Is your exterior attractive enough?

Growing up we were all told not to judge a book by its cover but when it comes to real estate we do. Curb appeal (how your home looks from the street) often determines whether or not a buyer will actually want to see your house. This is the invisible force that will make someone drive by the open house signs or make them want to stop and see the property. Online it is the force that ...